Gugudan’s Sejeong Had The Softest Message For Sally As She Cheered Her On For “Produce Camp 2020”

So soft!

gugudan‘s Kim Sejeong is warming hearts with the incredibly sweet way she cheered on Sally as Sally participates in Produce Camp 2020.

Image: @gu9udan/Instagram

At the beginning of April, gugudan confirmed that Sally would be appearing as a contestant on Tencent’s Produce Camp 2020 through their SNS accounts. Produce Camp is the official Chinese version of the Produce 101 series while Produce Camp 2020 is the third season of the show and features female contestants.

As the show recently began airing, Sejeong made sure to send Sally a whole lot of love and support! On April 23, Sejeong headed over to her Instagram and posted Sally’s official profile images from the show.

Along with the photos, Sejeong also sent Sally an extra soft message cheering her on and showing just how much she loves her!

Sally, you are someone who deserves to shine even brighter.

I believe you’ll do a great job and shine even more.

Don’t forget you’re an amazing person.

We support you, Liu Xiening (Sally’s real name). Love you, Sally!


In addition to the sweet message Sejeong posted on her Instagram, she and Mina teamed up to send a video message to Sally, letting her know how much they love her, shared how proud they are of her, all while encouraging everyone to give her lots of support!

Sejeong and Mina, however, weren’t the only gugudan members that have been sharing lots of love for Sally. Nayoung, Hana, and Haebin all posted messages through Instagram stories!

Seeing all the love being sent to Sally has been making Dan-jjaks feel all sorts of soft! And it’s easy to see why!