Halsey Says She Wants To Receive This Gift From BTS

This gift is more precious than gold.

They say the best gifts in life come free, and BTS‘s friend Halsey seems to agree.


BTS met Halsey in 2017 at the Billboard Music Awards, and over the last two years, their friendship has bloomed.


Earlier this year, they dropped “Boy With Luv” together. Halsey sings part of the chorus and takes part in the dance.


On August 5, ENTERCOM released a new clip from their interview with BTS and Halsey that was filmed shortly after the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. In it, BTS ask Halsey what gift she would like them to give to her.

What do you want to get as a present, if we could give you something?

— RM


“First of all, that’s cheating,” Halsey answered playfully, in a separately filmed clip. “They’re trying to figure out what I want by asking me and putting me on the spot.”


“I can’t think of any gift that I would really want from them,” she went on. “I think maybe just them always being so understanding and patient and calm and cool whenever we’re doing stuff and I’m learning something for the first time.”


“I think [that’s] ultimately the best gift they have given me and continue to give me so far.” 


Halsey specifically talked about “Boy With Luv”, how it was a learning curve for her, and how much she appreciated BTS’s patience with her.

You put someone in front of a stage who’s used to being in the middle the whole time and then you put them in a choreography formation with seven boys and it’s like, I been messing up a lot. So, I’m glad that they’ve been so patient with me, and it’s made it really fun.

— Halsey


Watch the whole clip here: