Han Seungwoo and Kim Wooseok’s Recent Interactions Are Making X1 Fans Feel Marshmallow Soft

Seungwoo and Wooseok are hitting everyone right in the X1 feels:

Thanks to VICTON‘s recent comeback and UP10TION Kim Wooseok‘s solo debut, fans have recently been getting hit right in the X1 feels thanks to some super sweet interactions between Seungwoo and Wooseok.

With Seungwoo currently promoting with VICTON for their second single “Mayday” and Wooseok promoting “Red Moon”, the two former X1 groupmates have been able to spend some time together during music shows. During a recent episode of M! Countdown, fans spotted the two of them along with Byungchan interacting on stage.

While their M! Countdown interaction was already enough to warm plenty of hearts, after Inkigayo on June 7, Seungwoo headed to Instagram to share a sweet selca he took together with Wooseok. Uploading the photo to his stories, Seungwoo sent his friend and former X1 groupmate lots of love.

At first glance, the picture was already sweet enough to make fans feel all sorts of emotional…

But ONEIT soon realized that this picture was even more special! Comparing the photo to another selca the two took together during X1’s “Flash” promotions last September, ONEIT realized that they had exchanged their signature selca poses with each other!

The totally uwu realization has left many, many fans feeling extra soft!

As Seongwoo and Wooseok continue to make fans everywhere feel marshmallow-soft, ONEIT are crossing their fingers that these two sweet friends will get to spend even more time together during their promotions.