Here’s How BLACKPINK’s Jennie Responded After A Fan Proposed To Her

Even Rosé’s heart fluttered at the response:

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie was proposed to at their concert in Taipei and her response was so heart fluttering that even Rosé was feeling the aftereffects!

It would be incredibly hard for anyone not to want to declare your love for the girl group. Their jaw-dropping visuals, amazing vocal and rap talent, killer dance moves, and sweet personalities make them extremely lovable. It’s not hard to see why someone would want to propose marriage to one of the girls!

Jennie received one proposal from a fan that had fans planning their trip to Tiffany’s…

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And now, another BLINK has proposed to Jennie and gotten an epic response from the idol! At the girl group’s most recent concert in Taipei, the girls were interacting with their fans when Rosé suddenly noticed one fan and made Jennie aware of the BLINK too!

Unnie, someone asked you to marry them.

— Rosé

After Jennie heard that she had been proposed to, she decided to make sure that the BLINK was actually ready for marriage all the while Rosé was excitedly waiting for an answer.

Are you ready? Are you ready for me?

— Jennie

And when she got a positive response, well, Jennie had a surprise for the BLINK!

I’ll marry you, love. I love you! I love you!

— Jennie

Hearing the good news, Rosé could be seen beaming and couldn’t help saying one last thing.

Lucky girl!

— Rosé

The sweet proposal, Jennie’s amazing response, and Rosé’s fangirl moment have stolen the hearts of everyone online!

Not to mention the lucky fan who had their proposal accepted, @kelly_hsu, also got some love from fans too!

So, does this mean Jennie is officially taken?