Here’s Why Netizens Can’t Stop Praising BTS J-Hope’s Street Dance Skills

“J-Hope is a genius!”

BTS‘s J-Hope is well known for being a dance genius, even by other idols. He’s recently gone viral because BTS’s “3J” dance unit performance has netizens gushing over J-Hope’s skills!

J-Hope from BTS. | @bts_twt/Twitter

A post that has gone viral on Korean community board theqoo is dedicated to praising J-Hope not just on his general skills as a dancer, but specifically his street dance skills! Before J-Hope entered HYBE (previously known as Big Hit Entertainment) as a trainee, he was an accomplished street dancer who competed against other dance crews.

| @HOPEYES218/Twitter

Even though J-Hope has now become a successful idol, he’s never lost that signature street-dance flair! Netizens are praising him on numerous aspects of his dance: his footwork…

…his charming confidence and stage presence…

Jungkook (left), J-Hope (center), and Jimin (right). | theqoo 

…his clever gestures…

| theqoo 

…and his freestyle!

J-Hope’s talent as a dancer is undeniable, but what truly sets him apart according to netizens is how much he visibly enjoys dancing! He always looks so in his element when dancing and never fails to impress us.

Hundreds of netizens have commented on the post to share their praise for J-Hope! Here’s what just a fraction of them had to say in regards to his dance skills.

| theqoo
  • “67. J-Hope is a genius.”
  • “68. This is awesome. I’d love to see more choreographies like this.”
  • “69. He’s so good at dancing, like wow… He can move his body in all kinds of ways.”
  • “70. It always blows my mind how his moves flow from one another and connect so naturally. And even when he’s doing big moves, he’s paying attention to the smallest details, like where his shoulders are or how his fingertips are pointing.”
  • “71. OMG J-HOPE! It’s like he doesn’t have any bones in his body. He’s so good at this!”
  • “72. How is he this talented though T-T I want the world to know that my squirrel baby is an incredible dancer T-T Go J-Hope, you’re amazing.”

Check out J-Hope, Jungkook, and Jimin‘s recent 3J dance performance to their “Butter” remix below!

Source: theqoo and Twitter