Here’s The Story Behind BTS’s Famous “Really ARMY” Tweet

This tweet was posted five years ago, but it’s still relevant.

BTS has one of the most extra fandoms around. Between memes, edits, online comments, and real-life moments, ARMY is wildin’ 24/7.

A day in the life of the “Jin Cult”.

Sometimes, the only way to respond to it is:

As in, really, ARMY? Are you really that extra? This often-memed tweet hit the internet in 2015, but fans, many of whom weren’t in the fandom back then, are curious to know which member tweeted it and why.

The “really army” tweet is believed to be the second half of a message written by on February 12, 2015. In the first tweet, tweeted seven minutes earlier, V is wearing a shirt with the text “i marymond you” on it.

Marymond is a company that sells items inspired by former comfort women, and it donates a portion of its profits to the cause. The brand began gaining more recognition in 2015 after stars like V and Suzy were photographed wearing/using Marymond products.

Suzy with a Marymond phone case.

“i marymond you” is a way of saying “I support you”. V may have added “really army” to emphasize this message…

or it could just be a totally random comment about ARMY’s typical weirdness.

When it comes to being extra, ARMY learned from the best!