HIGHLIGHT Reacts To Their Legendary Meme Performance Of “On Rainy Days”

Their reaction was hilarious!

On the latest episode of Showterview With Jessi, Jessi sat down with HIGHLIGHT (formerly known as BEAST) to discuss their new mini-album The Blowing. The group also looked back on several iconic moments throughout their career.

One memorable moment of HIGHLIGHT’s was their iconic performance of their song “On Rainy Days.” The stage was so legendary because of how the members actually had water pour down on them to create the illusion of rain. While the concept was a great idea, the performance turned into a big meme at the time because of how soaked the members got.

When we think of Highlight, this legendary stage of all time comes up! Which is, ‘On Rainy Days’ (The legendary meme of the song ‘On Rainy Days.’)

— Jessi

Once the members rewatched their “Legendary meme” stage, they couldn’t help but die of laughter. Yoseob and Gikwang laughed so hard that they stumbled and fell.

Watching it in Full HD is….That’s freaking funny! I’ve seen the small memes online, but never seen it in HDTV like this!

— Doojoon

The members explained that while they knew they were going to get rained on, but there was no rehearsal and they never expected to get as drenched as they did.

We couldn’t have a rehearsal back then. Since you couldn’t repeat it! We only had one chance! I didn’t recognize that it was pouring that hard.

— Yoseob

Jessi asked the members, “What was the intention of the producer of the program back then?Doojoon, being the comedic person he is, made a funny joke and guessed that the rain would’ve helped the staff clean up the stage up.

I guess he was about to wipe the floor on the stage, So he decided to pour the water onto us So he could make the stage and clean the floor at the same time!

— Doojoon

Despite their guesses, the real reason is very sweet. In order to understand the mindset of the producer at the time, the show conducted an interview with Kwak Seung Young CP. According to Kwak Seung Young, he merely wanted to create a beautiful stage for a group he loved.

I did it out of the infinite love toward the HIGHLIGHT members back then! For producers of the music programs, having it rain on the stage is highly risky. You can do it only for the groups you really love!

— Kwak Seung Young

Kwak Seung Young also shared that since Gikwang was an MC for SBS‘s Inkigayo at the time, he chose to put a lot of hard work into making the stage incredible. How sweet!

Plus, Gikwang was the MC of ‘Inkigayo’ back then. And all the members were on a top-notch, I decided to put all the efforts into their stage. All-in to HIGHLIGHT!

— Kwak Seung Young

While it was all good intentions, Kwak Seung Young admitted he had no idea the downpour of water would be as immense as it was; however, he was proud the members still remained professional and did well.

I didn’t realize that it poured that much before they were on the stage sorry, HIGHLIGHT! You guys say it’s heavy rain, but we found it to be a waterfall on spot. All the staff got shocked, all the members got shocked. I couldn’t see that coming but thankfully, BEAST (HIGHLIGHT) members tried their best. And their fans also enjoyed it a lot and got entertained!

— Kwak Seung Young

Following Kwak Seung Young’s interview, the members expressed their gratitude for him and everyone else who was involved in making them a memorable stage! Gikwang also expressed that they would even be down to recreate a 2021 version of their iconic stage.

If there’s any chance, we would love to make 2021 ver. of ‘On Rainy Days!’ If there’s a chance, we’ll try our best again to entertain all the viewers and fans. Thank you so much!

— Gikwang

Check out the member’s hilarious reactions below:


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