Why HyunA Doesn’t Mind Giving Her Credit Card To Fans

“What if they run away with it?”

Among K-Pop idols, HyunA is one of the few who showers her fans with expensive gifts like gift cards and YSL Beauty cosmetics.


Because it’s so rare for an idol to hand out such pricey gifts, HyunA appeared on Jaefriends and spoke with Kim Jaejoong about why she’s gone as far as giving her credit card to fans.

Since HyunA once gave her credit card to fans to “treat them to a meal,” Kim Jaejoong wondered if she’d worried about them running away with it.

That was never a concern for HyunA. She answered, “No way. We have strong trust.” Kim Jaejoong tested how far HyunA’s trust in A-ing went.

Since other fans would want to get HyunA’s credit card, he asked if she’d be willing to give it to a thousand A-ings. She impressed Kim Jaejoong by revealing that wasn’t a problem either. HyunA wanted to use her wealth to show appreciation to those who allowed her to gain that wealth.

I can, for now. If I don’t have enough money, I won’t be able to provide for my fans. When I have it, I want to provide for my fans.

— HyunA

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