This Idol Wanted To Be A Barista Before Becoming An Idol

He wanted to make coffee.

Before Kim Wooseok was street cast for his good looks, the idol had a simple dream. And that dream was to become a barista.

Yes, a barista. The one who makes coffee for people in cafes. In fact, he was so dedicated to this dream, he originally was not going to audition for his current company, TOP Media.

It was his parents who told him to give it a shot despite him originally not wanting to be an idol. He decided to listen to his parents and trained for 4 years 7 months before debuting with UP10TION in 2015.

After training and debuting, he decided to shed his dream of being a barista and stick with his new love – music and being an idol. In 2019, he participated in Mnet‘s Produce X 101 and finished at #2, debuting with the final group X1.

Source: Instiz


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