ITZY Knows All Of Chaeryeong’s Habits Even Better Than Chaeryeong Does

In fact, Chaeryeong didn’t even know about one of her habits:

Sometimes the people closest to us know our habits better than we do exactly how ITZY know Chaeryeong‘s habits better than she does! In fact, they even knew about a habit that she didn’t know about!


During a TMI session with tvN, Yuna was asked to name a habit of Chaeryeong’s. While Yuna struggled to think of something, Lia immediately thought of Chaeryeong’s habit and tried to clue Yuna in on the habit.

Chaeryeong does this often. She stops herself when she’s about to say something.

— Lia


Just when Yuna thought she’d properly identified Lia’s clue, she dropped one of her own habits instead!

Yuna: I found her habit! She relaxes her neck when she talks. Something like that.

Lia: You’re the one that does that!


Meanwhile, Lia and Yeji were on the same page when it came to Chaeryeong’s hidden habit. They explained that whenever Chaeryeong would start talking she would often stop herself from saying exactly what she wanted to say. And once it had been said, everyone else was 100% in agreement that that was something Chaeryeong did a lot!

When Chaeryeong talks… She would stop herself from saying what she wants to say. Her reaction changes depending on the situation.

— Yeji and Lia


Although all of her members had noticed it, Chaeryeong meanwhile was completely shocked to find out about it!

I had no idea about that habit of mine.

— Chaeryeong


How cute! Chaeryeong’s TMI was even a surprise to her! Check out more of their TMI session below: