ITZY Chaeryeong’s Unexpected Phone Lock Screen Is One Of The Hottest Stars Today

“…the star of the stars.”

One thing that many fans love about the talented ITZY member Chaeryeong is her fangirl tendencies.

ITZY’s Chaeryeong

The star is notorious for being a huge girl group fan, especially of Girl’s Generation. Chaeyreong once revealed the girl group’s newest album was the first she bought with her own money and got a shout-out from Yuri!

Chaeryeong holding her Girls’ Generation lightstick | Dear U

Recently, Chaeryeong revealed she’s likely a fan girl of another star by accidentally revealing her phone lock screen!

Many idols have accidentally revealed their phone backgrounds, and they give insight into the things the idols love. BTS J-Hope‘s lock screen had ARMY in their feels, while GOT7 Jackson Wang‘s showed the thing most important to him.

BTS’s J-Hope

Lucky fans that spotted Chaeryeong out and about captured an image of the star and shared it online. Fans couldn’t help but notice her phone background was of another celebrity.

On closer examination, the person on Chaeryeong’s phone lock screen is none other than actress Han So Hee!

Han So Hee | @xeesoxee/Instagram

There is no doubt — Han So Hee is one of the hottest actresses in Korea and was even recently featured as the object of BTS Jungkook‘s affection in his newest solo single, “SEVEN.”

| ELLE Hong Kong

Fans found this super relatable and love that Chaeyeong seems to be a big fan!

Many people have also named Han So Hee their ideal type, which you can read below!

6 Celebrities Who Chose Actress Han So Hee As Their Ideal Type


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