When MIDZY Wanted To Learn ITZY’s “Wannabe” Moves Chaeryeong Wouldn’t Rest Until They Succeeded

Professor Chaeryeong is the best!

ITZY‘s Chaeryeong possesses many qualities of an excellent teacher. She’s patient, kind, caring, hard-working, and always gives her all to whatever she’s doing. Recently, however, she not only proved that she possesses all the qualities of an amazing teacher but she showed she already is one!

In the May 10 “V-PICK” segment, Chaeryeong’s excellent teaching moment from her recent livestream was highlighted as she taught MIDZY a few moves, including the iconic shoulder dance, from ITZY’s “Wannabe”.

It all started when MIDZY asked Chaeryeong if she could teach them the shoulder dance from “Wannabe”. Chaeryeong didn’t hesitate one second before agreeing to MIDZY’s request and quickly dove straight into the lesson.

You want me to teach you how to do the shoulder dance? Watch this! That’s how you do it!

— Chaeryeong

From there, Chaeryeong showcased what a sweet, kind, and awesome teacher she is as she made sure that all of her students were being safe, having fun, and learning a lot!

You hit yourself on the desk? No! Be careful!

— Chaeryeong

Throughout the lesson, professor Chaeryeong constantly checked back in on her students to make sure they were doing okay and made adjustments to match! Even when some fans let her know they hadn’t seen some of the moves, Chaeryeong made sure they caught up with the rest of the class by slowly doing it all over again!

We are now doing this with the movements back and forth. And put your hands on your waist. Hands on your waist, 1, 2. ‘Professor the lesson is moving too fast.’ Is it? ‘Wait one sec, I missed it from the top. Professor, I’m not going to make it.‘ No. Don’t be like that! I’ll do it again now. Slowly, slowly.

— Chaeryeong

If MIDZY expressed they were having any troubles or revealed they wanted to give up, Chaeryeong encouraged them to keep going and walked them through the steps once more.

Students don’t give up! You hear crunching sounds from your shoulders? Why would you hear crunching sounds? You can do it like this, okay?

— Chaeryeong

She cheered MIDZY on throughout her class and even scolded them when necessary!

You want me to go on ahead without you? NO! I believe in MIDZY! The one who is lying about the connection lag. How bad of you!

— Chaeryeong

She didn’t rest until MIDZY succeeded and when a fan let her know that they had, well, no one was more excited about it than Chaeryeong!

Easy, right? Easy? You got it? Done! I’ll check on this when I meet you all!

— Chaeryeong

Just add being an amazing teacher to the list of reasons to fall in love with Chaeryeong! Take a seat in professor Chaeryeong’s classroom and learn the moves to “Wannabe” for yourself below: