ITZY’s Lia Isn’t The “Lazy Dancer” Critics Claim, Here’s Why

All the negativity can’t outshine Lia’s skill and hard work.

Since before they even debuted, ITZY had all eyes on them. While the majority of people have received them well, based on the fans they’ve gained and all the rookie awards they’ve won, there are others who are watching them with a microscope for any misstep.

That’s what happened to Lia, who was bombarded twice with criticism for being a “lazy dancer” by claiming she never “gives her all when she dances” and messes up choreography. Here’s the real deal about the matter.

With the group being on the smaller side of only five members, there’s more focus on each one. Since Yeji, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna are all extremely strong dancers, it causes Lia to stand out for not being as powerful as they are.

Despite this, she doesn’t stand out in a way that makes her look out of place. She dances well enough to keep the balance in the group and keeps everyone looking like they’re on the same page.

As for all the feedback on not properly executing the same dance moves as the rest of the members, Lia has been working hard to improve. She’s listened to those words and corrected them. Lia started to shake her shoulders like Ryujin at the beginning, then kicking out her leg to match everyone else in the second half.

Even with years of training in dancing, not all idols become astonishingly fluid or sharp dancers. Because everyone can only move the way their body allows, Lia is doing the best she can with the skills that she has, improving along the way.

Holding the official title of the main vocalist of the group, dancing isn’t Lia’s designated specialty. Even so, she manages to belt out those powerful notes, make charismatic facial expressions, and knock out those dance moves with her members. Lia is far from a lazy dancer; in fact, she’s a pretty great one.