ITZY’s Yeji Speaks On The Time When She Accidentally Thanked The Wrong Award Show

The members also spoke about their reactions.

At the 9th Gaon Chart Music Awards, ITZY‘s Yeji made an adorable mistake. During an acceptance speech, Yeji said, “Golden Awards.” While Yeji quickly corrected herself, the other members had some priceless reactions after hearing Yeji’s mistake.

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In a recent episode of Knowing Bros, Yeji spoke about this moment. She shared that at the time, they were receiving lots of love and were attending many award shows. Since ITZY performed at so many award shows, Yeji accidentally confused the names!

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The other members spoke about their reactions and how they felt sorry to Yeji afterward.

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Yuna shared that she laughed during the moment since she didn’t know what to do.

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Despite the small mistake, Yeji was able to finish the acceptance speech well!

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Here are the full videos below!


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