IU “Threatens” Fans to Stop Pushing Each Other at the Airport

“No more vacation cookies for you!” – IU

IU recently worried about her fans’ well-being with a post that “threatened” them to stop pushing people down at the airport.


Following her recent landing at Incheon International Airport from her tour in Manila, Philippines, IU posted a stern warning to her fans.

If even one person falls over at the airport from now on, I won’t give you vacation cookies anymore.

– IU

It’s been reported that earlier that day, her fans gathered to see her in person at the airport, but a portion of her fans all fell over in the process.


IU witnessed this, which is what led to her warning later that day.

Since 2012, IU brought back vacation cookies for her fans anytime she left the country, and she used those to adorably “threaten” her fans to stay safe.

Hopefully, this cute warning will keep IU’s fans from pushing and shoving from now on!

Source: Dispatch


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