IU Had a Few Words for the Haters That Don’t like Her Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

IU stood her ground but did it in a witty way.

IU recently entered her official fan cafe to chat with her fans and answer any questions they might have had.

In particular, one fan requested, “Will you represent us mint chocolate ice cream lovers and say a few words to the mint chocolate haters out there?

In response, IU immediately answered, “Are you crazy?” but spelled it in a way that includes the word “mint”, which made all her fans giggle at her wit.

IU is well-known as a lover of mint chocolate ice cream, and she confessed it herself in numerous official settings.

As such, it probably didn’t take much for IU to say a few words to those who don’t like the flavor, but the way she approached it made her look cute and witty at the same time.

Source: Insight