IU Tried Buying Tickets To Her Concert… But She Never Even Got Off The Waitlist

The competition for IU concert tickets was so fierce even IU couldn’t score tickets!

When IU announced her 2019 LOVE, POEM tour dates and locations, K-Pop fans were beyond excited for the chance to see IU live. Unfortunately, when tickets for the Seoul leg of the concert went on sale on October 24, 2019, the competition for seats was fierce. So fierce that even IU was unable to get tickets to her own concert!

IU shared a video with fans through her YouTube channel which showed the moment she tried to snag tickets to her concert. Although she prepped herself well, as the countdown began, she was feeling a little nervous about her first ticket buying experience.

It makes me nervous. I’ve never booked a ticket online.

— IU

And with good reason! The competition for seats was tight! When the clock struck 8 o’clock and the ticketing was open, no window popped up and IU scrambled to select a desired date for the concert.

No window is popping up! Refresh! Refresh! You told me I could buy a ticket when it’s 8 o’clock!

— IU

Even with her fingers flying on the keyboard, IU ended up on the waitlist with over 30,000 other people! That number quickly skyrocketed to almost 50,000 people! Although things weren’t looking good for tickets, IU decided to stick around and see if there was still a chance at scoring some tickets.

I’m waiting… I’m supposed to wait an hour? I should wait an hour from now?

— IU

As IU waited, she hilariously scolded herself for “being a slowpoke” and joked about how slow the people who were waiting behind her must have been. Despite the jokes, IU was in absolute shock over the 47,531 people waiting with her!

I can’t believe… I’m such a slowpoke. How come I’m so bad at this? How come no one told me to refresh? I should really wait this long? I can’t even see the seat arrangement! It makes no sense. It says I’m on a waitlist of 47,531 people. There are 16,000 people behind me?

— IU

With the wait for tickets stretching out before her, IU ultimately decided to give up and head home for the night. She knew that the competition over her tickets was just too tough!

If I had just clicked a bit faster a little while ago! I want to go home. I’m going home now. I can’t go to IU’s concert this year.

— IU

Official media reports have actually shared that a total of 28,000 tickets were sold within the first minute of sales and that an estimated 100,000 fans, including IU herself, tried to buy tickets for each night of the concert!

And although IU might not have been able to snag a ticket herself, she still had lots of fun with UAENA throughout her concert tour!


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