IVE’s Jang Wonyoung Stuns With Her Legs For Days In A Recent Update

She’s enjoying her time off!

IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung has always been tall. Even during her Produce 48 days, she towered over the others. She gained the nickname, giant baby, due to her young age but long gams. At the time of Produce 48, she was listed at 5 ‘5 (168cm) even though she was only 14.

She’s been admired for her model-esque physique, boasting legs for days and a tiny waist. Her proportions are perfected by her small face and thin limbs.

| @for_everyoung10/Instagram

Recently, she updated her Instagram with a shot of her exercising. As the IVE girls have just concluded their round of successful debut promotions with “ELEVEN”, it seems like she’s enjoying some time off! Wonyoung spent some time unwinding and focusing on herself with flying yoga.

What caught the eye of many was her impossibly long limbs.

| @for_everyoung10/Instagram

Not only that, but she boasted a perfectly slim waist.

| @for_everyoung10/Instagram

Her posture was amazing.

| @for_everyoung10/Instagram

We’re in awe.

| @for_everyoung10/Instagram

Flying yoga seems to be the exerice de rigueur for many celebrities! Previously, Jisoo and Jennie of BLACKPINK both flaunted their figures at the very same studio.

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