JAMIE Shared The Last Words JYP Said To Her When Her Contract Ended

He’s managed to end amicably with all of his artists so far.

JAMIE, formerly known as Park Jimin from 15& of JYP Entertainment, made an appearance on an episode of Video Star. Apart from showing off her phenomenal singing skills on the show, she also revealed how she came to be at her previous company, as well as the parting words JYP (also known as Park Jin Young) left her with.

Jamie revealed that after she had changed her stage name, not many recognized her right away, and actually told her that she looked like Park Jimin.

Jamie also mentioned that years ago, when she had first made her debut into the spotlight with Kpop Star, she had received a call from Justin Bieber‘s management company. Given the choice between entering the worldwide market vs. the local K-pop scene, Jamie went with the latter as she felt she was still too young for the larger world.

On her exit from one of the Big 3 companies, she said that the parting was amicable, as her contract had come to an end. JYP said that he was sorry to her, and she praised him on Video Star for not forcing things upon her and being considerate of her situation, resulting in her being able to find the type of music she wanted to do.

Jamie is currently promoting as a soloist. Check out one of her phenomenal performances here.