JAMIE Revealed To Eric Nam The Worst Advice She Gave On “What Would Jamie Do?”

Jamie should give herself more credit.

On a recent episode of K-Pop Daebak, K-Pop star JAMIE revealed the worst advice she’s ever given on her show What Would JAMIE Do?

The subject came out when Eric Nam reminded JAMIE and the viewers that she used to host the show on DIVE Studios. Eric then proceeded to give a description of the show for the viewers who didn’t. Eric explained JAMIE’s show essential was a show where fans would ask JAMIE for advice.

JAMIE quickly came to her own defense before Eric could say anything and shared, “I was so bad at it.” Eric then immediately exploded with laughter at JAMIE’s own insult.

JAMIE then bravely revealed the worse advice she’d ever given on the show. She explained that there was a “pure young lady” who was in an unhappy relationship with her boyfriend and wanted JAMIE’s opinion on whether she should continue or not.

In reply to the problem, Jamie stated she was not pleasant:

I was like this B**ch making fun. . .of this pure young lady starting to fall in love with this guy and be like, you know he loves you right? I was like ‘shut up Jimin’ (JAMIE’s Korean name).


Kindly, JAMIE apologized to the young lady who asked for advice: “Sorry for the girl.

Eric also asked JAMIE to give herself advice by asking, “if you were to do it again, what would differently?” JAMIE replied that she would just not do the show at all.

Eric questioned what she would do instead and JAMIE gave a hilarious answer:

Something esle than ‘What Would Jamie Do?’ Maybe just mop the floor and put a podcast like ‘Moping ASMR,’ but I wouldn’t give advice as myself.


After recalling her bad advice, JAMIE shared what she would have done differently: “I would be more careful about giving out situations and my perspective.

Despite JAMIE negatively judging her advice, many fans in the comment section praised her advice and requested the comeback of What Would JAMIE Do? 

Seems like JAMIE should give herself more credit! Hopefully, fans will be able to hear some of JAMIE’s advice soon!

Check out the episode below: