Jessi Gets Real About Whether She Would Pose For A Nude Photoshoot

She shares her candid thoughts on the subject.

Soloist Jessi was a recent guest on rapper and actor Dumbfoundead‘s podcast, Fun With Dumb, where she candidly discussed her love life, wanting a family, recent career moves, how she feels about her former boss PSY, and the popular WATERBOMB Festival.

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While discussing the iconic, boundary-pushing outfit Jessi wore to the 2018 WATERBOMB Festival that she admitted may have gone “too far” for an event in Korea, Dumbfoundead asked the veteran soloist if she would ever pose for a tasteful nude photoshoot, and her answer was dependant on the circumstances.

Jessi, who is known for speaking her mind and being refreshingly open with fans, answered that she would pose for a nude photoshoot if it were for herself, but clarified that she wouldn’t pose for a magazine like Playboy when Dumbfoundead asked.

When Dumbfoundead presented the hypothetical option of doing an artistic nude photoshoot, Jessi hilariously replied, “I mean, how much money are you talking?” before revealing that she had been approached by a well-known health magazine in Korea to do a bikini photoshoot and turned down the opportunity.

I had a magazine in Korea… and they wanted me to wear a bikini… I said no because it wasn’t very tasteful. Like the magazine- it was a very big magazine- I forgot the name, but the way they wanted me to do it, they wanted just me straight up in a bikini, you know?

— Jessi

While she had declined that opportunity, Jessi isn’t completely against the idea and clarified there is a time and place for doing a photoshoot like that while leaving the option open for when she’s older.

I felt like there’s a time and place for it. Maybe when I get older, maybe. I’m [not] going to have this body for the rest of my life, you know, so might as well embrace it you know?

— Jessi

Jessi concluded she might do a nude photoshoot for her future boyfriend one day. She then clarified that it wouldn’t be a simple decision because she doesn’t send nudes, and she’s typically very shy.

I don’t send nude photos to people, I don’t even do that to my boyfriends, I don’t do that… I just think it’s like weird. It’s just like, why would I? You know?

— Jessi

Netizens loved how real Jessi’s answers were throughout the interview. Check out more unforgettable moments in the article below!

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