Jihyo Exposes The Reality Of TWICE’s First Music Show Win

Jihyo reveals their struggles before the achievement.

As TWICE approaches their seventh anniversary, the group takes a look back at some of the most monumental moments of their career so far.

(From left to right) TWICE’s Chaeyoung, Dahyun, Jihyo, Jeongyeon, Tzuyu, Momo, Mina, Sana, and Nayeon | Cosmopolitan

TWICE sat down with Cosmopolitan to discuss their success, fashion, and how they cope with their busy life. The girls just wrapped their record-breaking III world tour on May 15 of this year, and Nayeon just recently became the first member of TWICE to have their solo debut.

TWICE has tirelessly dedicated themselves to their career over the past seven years. In October 2015, the girls released their debut single, “Like OOH-AHH,” along with a mini-album, The Story Begins.

TWICE in 2015 | JYP Entertainment

They quickly returned in April of 2016 with “CHEER UP,” and in October with “TT.” Both singles were released on separate mini-albums.

In 2017, the group really ramped up their promotions, releasing four singles in Korea, a Japanese mini-album, and a new Japanese lead single, “One More Time.”

In 2018, they released two mini-albums in Korea, and two repackaged mini-albums, four lead singles, an album, and a full repackaged album in Japan.

Keeping the momentum going, they released two Korean mini-albums, two Japanese lead singles, a Japanese repackaged mini-album, and a full-length Japanese album in 2019.

TWICE promoting “Fancy” in 2019

In 2020, TWICE released two mini-albums and a new single in Korea. They released two lead singles in Japan, a repackaged full album, and a mini-album. They also released an English version of their singles “MORE & MORE” and “Can’t Stop Me.”

Finally, in 2021, they released two lead singles and a full album in Japan. In Korea, they released a mini-album and their third full-length Korean-language album. They also released their English single, “The Feels.”

Between their new releases, they made numerous music, variety, and award-show appearances and conducted concert tours worldwide.

Needless to say, they had a busy schedule. Despite their workload, the members quickly became recognized for their professionalism and hard work.

TWICE in the dance studio | @twicetagram/Instagram

Reflecting on their career so far, the members have a lot to look back on with pride. In their interview with Cosmopolitan, the members opened up about one of their most memorable moments, their first music show win on May 5, 2016. At the time, they were promoting their single, “CHEER UP.”

It was an impressive feat for the group almost seven months into their debut. What should have been a celebratory occasion had a darker underside.

It was a live broadcast and I remember during the time we were so busy and so tired and almost like, out of it when we got the trophy.

⁠— Jihyo

TWICE’s leader Jihyo also disclosed that at the time, one of the members was so sick they had to go to the emergency room.

It was such a difficult time for the members that they cried almost every day, having to console each other as they hid their struggles.

TWICE after their first music show win in 2016 | Pinterest

The trophy, to them, was finally hope for their future.

But when we topped the chart and got that trophy in our hands, it was a testament that we were doing okay.

— Jihyo

Luckily, the group members have found ways to make the most of their limited downtime over the years. The members shared ways they cope with their busy schedules and take care of their mental health.

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Source: Cosmopolitan