JAMIE Unleashed Her Savage Side In An “Extreme Jenga” Game

HWAITING games always bring out her competitive streak.

JAMIE has zero patience for losers, especially when they’re on her team!

In Episode 3 of HWAITING, Team Blue (Jamie Park, KARD‘s BM, and Ladies’ Code‘s Ashley) faced off against Team Red (f(x)‘s Amber LiuDAY6‘s Jae, and BTOB‘s Peniel) in a game of “Extreme Jenga”.

Each player had to “elephant spin” five times, remove a Jenga block while dizzy, then stack it on top of the tower without knocking it over. Pfft. No problem right? Jamie Park was in it to win it!

She successfully stacked the first block of the game, giving Team Blue a strong start. When teammate BM followed that up by boldly removing a bottom block, Jamie Park shouted, “You guys are done!” at Team Red.

Unfortunately, Ashley ended Team Blue’s winning streak for Round 1 by wiping out. Jamie Park was not having this. When Ashley went up for Round 2, her savage teammate said, “If you fall, you’re dead!” 

Ironically, it was Jamie Park who failed her team by demolishing the Jenga tower. She lost the game, but she didn’t lose her attitude!

Eric Nam is usually a chill host, but when Jamie Park got sassy with him about the rules of Team Blue’s penalty game, he stomped his foot, shouting, “Hey!” Can you blame him?

Watch Episode 3 of HWAITING here:

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