Jin Won A Trophy For Being “Worldwide Handsome”, So Now It’s Official

Jin has been named the “Best Sculpted Face in the World”.

BTS‘s Jin has been “Worldwide Handsome” since birth, but now he has a gorgeous trophy to prove it.


In December 2018, Jin was entered into a Top 10 list for the “Best Sculpted Face in the World” after having been selected from 18,000 male faces from 58 countries by 1,504,602 public votes.


After much consideration, sculptor Radek Schick selected Jin as the winner for his beautifully balanced, symmetrical face and distinctive, plump lips.


Jin’s prize? A crystal trophy with his own face engraved in it!


Half of this rendition was taken from a photograph of Jin. The other half was rendered using 3D technology.


It’s unclear whether or not this trophy was actually sent to Jin, but he has the bragging rights to it all the same! For more of Mr. Worldwide Handsome, check out these viral moments.

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