Jisoo Reveals Where She Sees BLACKPINK 11 Years From Now

This will warm your heart.

BLACKPINK recently held a press conference ahead of the release of their documentary, BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky.

During the press conference, BLACKPINK were asked various questions. One question they were asked was about their future goals, as well as where they see themselves in 10 years from 2021.

Jisoo responded to the question by talking about how they just released their first full album, THE ALBUM, and how they want to do their best with their current activities.

She also shared how the members have never been afraid of challenges and hope that in the future, they can take on more challenges.

Regarding where she sees BLACKPINK in 2031, Jisoo hopes that the members are still having meetings and striving to show new sides of themselves without losing the BLACKPINK musical color.

Here’s the full video below!