John Cena Could Not Stop Gushing About BTS, Proving He’s A True ARMY

He’s a true fan.

John Cena, the famous pro wrestler and actor, is known to be a big fan of BTS, which he has openly discussed many times. Naturally, he was asked about BTS in his latest talk show appearance—and he couldn’t stop gushing about them.

In a previous interview John Cena confirmed had that he is an ARMY and that, in fact, his bias is J-Hope. But in his most recent appearance on The Ellen Show, he revealed that his favorites are actually both J-Hope and RM! They played a random question game and, of course, one of the questions was about BTS. He was asked, “Who’s your favorite BTS member?”

| JohnCenaCrews/YouTube

John Cena straight away answered, “RM and J-Hope.” Except he didn’t stop there. He started talking animatedly about them…and couldn’t stop. He explained that he loves RM and J-Hope because they are the lyricists in the group, then dropped some love for the BTS ARMY before going on to say that he not only loves all of BTS’s philanthropic work and their message, but he also loves RM and J-Hope’s style of rapping, which is his favored ’80s and ’90s style.

He even specified that he really liked seeing that style of hip-hop in BTS’s earlier albums…

It was cool to see them use some of those beats on, like, ‘outros’ for their early albums and…just J-Hope and RM are my…

— John Cena

…which earned him some teasing from Ellen.

He ended things by saying, “They’re taking a break right now, I wish them happy rest and hope everything’s going well for them.”

This is far from the first time John Cena has proved he’s a true ARMY, as he has even included a BTS song in one of his films! We’re definitely here for more of ARMY John Cena. Hopefully we get more interactions between him and BTS in the future, which is something even BTS want to happen!

You can watch the video below.