JYP Increases Security And Takes Extra Precautions For TWICE’s Sana And Dahyun At Recent Event

Fans are praising JYP Entertainment for standing by their words.

The girls of TWICE have been experiencing a lot of unexpected situations lately that’s put their safety at risk: Dahyun‘s passport details being visible, Nayeon‘s stalker boarding their plane, and a fan invading Tzuyu‘s personal space.


To prevent further situations like this, JYP Entertainment has learned from these incidents and increased security for Sana and Dahyun during a recent fan event.

On the second day of 2020, Sana and Dahyun watched the movie Spies In Disguise with two hundred and fifty fans. Security did their best to protect the girls, starting by placing blankets on their laps when they’d finished their greeting and sat down.

When the girls had to walk up the stairs, security remained close behind. To prevent any invasive photos or indecent views up the girls’ dresses, their security guards held up blankets at their backs.

When Sana stopped to accept fans’ letters, the security guard at her back even collected some in her stead. He was able to do so while still managing to keep Sana’s back covered.

On top of their security guards’ thoughtful actions to protect them, fans noticed there were more than usual. They were also armed with tools to deter any unsafe activity if necessary.

Fans had been worried about TWICE’s safety despite JYP Entertainment’s various statements regarding the previous incidents. With the safety tactics used at this event, ONCEs can see the company’s sincerity in protecting the group’s safety.

Watch their security start the new year right by taking extra precautions to protect Sana and Dahyun here.