Kang Daniel Reveals His Adorable Secret For Perfect Steak During Mukbang

Nothing is better than watching Daniel eat…besides watching Daniel eat steak.

Kang Daniel embarks on a solo adventure for Portland, USA in Hello Daniel where he indulges in the pleasures of eating alone. He starts at a classy steak restaurant, and starts by saying that when it comes to steak, the location doesn’t matter…

…as long as the flavor is there, good steak can be from any country!

He reveals his secret technique that chefs do to determine how your steak is cooked.

He fumbles around with his fingers and his palm for a bit. What are you doing, Daniel?

He connects each finger to his thumb, feeling the muscle below. The “toughness” of your muscle corresponds with how your steak is prepared!

Daniel’s guide to steak toughness:

Thumb + Index finger = Rare

Thumb + Middle finger = Medium rare

Thumb + Ring finger = Medium

Thumb + Pinky = Well done

However, Daniel reveals it’s difficult for him to use this technique…

…since he already has so much muscle in his hand! It all feels the same.

When he receives the steak he ordered, he’s happy to see it’s medium rare.

He adorably tries his technique to compare the toughness, this time with a fork!

All in all, he loves the steak! But he still has one more secret to reveal…

…no steak can ever beat a home cooked one from Mrs. Kang!

Watch Daniel’s full steak experience below.

Kang Daniel