Kang Ha Neul Paid for His Fans’ Food and Drinks After Running into Them at a Restaurant

He secretly paid for their food and drinks on his way out of the restaurant.

A fan recently shared a post about her experience running into actor Kang Ha Neul at a restaurant.

The fan shared a photo along with the caption, “He paid for our food and beer. Looks like we used up the luck we had in store for next year. I love you, Kang Ha Neul.


The shared photo shows Kang Ha Neul smiling brightly next to the fan who posted it.

According to the post, Kang Ha Neul performed in the play, Fantasy Fairy Tale, and the restaurant they went to for their work dinner happened to the same one the fan was eating at.

When the fan recognized him, Kang Ha Neul showered her with all sorts of fan service, but on top of that, he even paid for their meal without telling them.

In appreciation of his sweet gesture, the fan added, “I’ve been your fan for a very long time. Please be happy forever.



Source: Insight
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