KARA’s Seungyeon And Youngji Clear Up Misunderstandings From An Eight-Year Rumor

Netizens took a viral video of the members completely out of context.

KARA was recently a guest on the popular variety show Knowing Bros, where the members got real about their true feelings during past promotions, Youngji‘s addition to the group, and cleared the air about a misunderstanding that arose from a 2014 viral meme.

(From left to right) KARA’s Jiyoung, Seungyeon, Gyuri, Nicole, and Youngji on “Knowing Bros” | JTBC

KARA reunited for their 15th anniversary, releasing a special mini-album with four brand-new songs. Their reunion marks the first time the group has released music together since they disbanded in 2016.

The group has taken advantage of the special opportunity to reunite and perform together again by hilariously setting the record straight about rumors that swirled after a video of the group from a fan meeting went viral. The 2014 fan clip led some to believe there was “discord” between members Seungyeon and Youngji.

KARA’s Youngji (left) and Seungyeon (right) | @young_g_hur/Instagram

While on Knowing Bros, KARA’s Youngji shared that the video has been bothering Seungyeon, as it appeared that Youngji was terrified of the older member in the clip.

The video took place at a cafe in 2014 during the group’s fan meeting. Youngji had recently joined the group after the departure of members Nicole and Jiyoung. In the viral clip, Seungyeon reaches for a pitcher, and Youngji quickly tries to assist her unnie by pouring her drink, but her hands appear to shake while she does.

Seungyeon shared that many people had misunderstood the short clip, and she hilariously threw her fellow member under the bus by saying Youngji’s timid actions only exaggerated the misunderstandings.

Seungyeon revealed that she also felt the group’s new maknae was nervous around her that day. As she described the incident, Seungyeon seemed to be reliving the moment as she grew more animated and jokingly heated when clarifying the situation.

Super Junior‘s Heechul, a fixed cast member on Knowing Bros and fellow second-generation idol, pointed out that the clip would have just seemed like Youngji was being respectful towards her unnie, but she instead looked terrified.

Youngji then revealed that the drink wasn’t for Seungyeon; it was actually for her, showing how misconstrued Seungyeon’s thoughtful intentions became.

Knowing Bros cast member Seo Jang Hoon pointed out that Seungyeon’s straight face also made the interaction seem more serious than it was. Seungyeon quickly debunked that theory, demonstrating how unnatural it would be to pour the drink while smiling.

She also revealed that the clip was edited and conveniently ended right before she did smile. Luckily, the Knowing Bros team had the full clip to show what really happened, hilariously ending an eight-year rumor.

That’s not the only situation they clarified; check out the article below for more about KARA’s true reaction to Youngji joining the group.

KARA’s Seungyeon Admits She Initially Disapproved Of Youngji Joining The Group, But The Reason Why Is Actually A Compliment

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