KARD’s BM Proved He’s Ultimate Boyfriend Material With A Single Sentence

BRB, we’re swooning.

KARD’s BM is handsome AF and easily has the best body in K-Pop. (One could arguably say he has the best body in the music industry, but we digress.)

He’s a great friend who isn’t afraid to openly express his love for the people he cares about and he has a sharp sense of humor.

Needless to say, he’s basically the perfect man and because of that, he’s really out there stealing fans’ hearts!

When a fan posted a tweet about how BM completely stole their heart from the first moment they saw him, they probably didn’t expect him to respond, but they must be glad he did! Posting a screenshot of the fan’s comment to his Instastories, BM replied: “I’ll take good care of it 🖤”

With that single sentence, BM showed that he is the ultimate boyfriend material, because one of the most important parts of a relationship is being cherished by your partner, and it looks like he has that down pat.