Here’s What Kim Tae Hee Said About Child Actor Seo Woo Jin Ahead of His Gender Identity Controversy

Child actor Seo Woo Jin’s mother is being accused of setting the boy up for gender identity issues.

In light of the criticism child actor, Seo Woo Jin and his mother have been receiving for playing a girl when he’s actually a boy, what Kim Tae Hee said about Seo Woo Jin earlier this month resurfaced.

Child actor Seo Woo Jin is currently playing Kim Tae Hee’s daughter in the drama, Hi Bye, Mama!, and doing a spectacular job at it.

But netizens online began criticizing the child actor’s mother in worries that the boy could face gender identity issues due to the role.

Ahead of this controversy, Kim Tae Hee took to her Instagram account to praise Seo Woo Jin for his amazing acting ability.

If you ask, ‘What is acting?’, the answer would be to become Seo Woo. Woo Jin is the most focused in a serious and calm manner on the entire set. In normal life, he’s so playful and very boyish, but as soon as the director says, ‘Ready?’, he’s a true actor who becomes Seo Woo again. Thank you so much, Seo Woo.

– Kim Tae Hee

Netizens are putting their focus on Kim Tae Hee’s claim that Seo Woo Jin indeed has a strong sense of who he is as well as what job he is expected to do on set when the cameras are rolling.


Seo Woo Jin received the role of Kim Tae Hee’s daughter for looking just like her.

And despite how well he’s been portraying the role, his mother recently made it known that she’s been receiving criticism, but that she was thoughtful when deciding to let her son participate in the drama.

We didn’t go to the audition because we wanted a starring role, and when we were offered the role of a little girl, I asked Woo Jin about his opinion first. When he immediately said it was okay and that he could do a good job, that’s when I decided to proceed forward.

– Seo Woo Jin’s Mother

In response to both Seo Woo Jin’s mother’s response and Kim Tae Hee’s prior post, netizens are leaving comments such as “It doesn’t matter as long as he’s a good actor“, “I don’t know why gender identity is an issue when an actor is just acting“, and “Don’t netizens have anything better to do than to attack a kid?



Source: Insight