Kim Yohan Confesses He Suffered From Panic Attacks During His Time on “Produce X 101”

Kim Yohan has been through a lot already.

The Korean magazine, Ten Star recently revealed their interview with Kim Yohan where he opened up about the hardships he suffered during his time on Produce X 101.

Because of Kim Yohan’s stunning looks and extreme talent, many assume that he had quite a smooth ride to stardom, but it turned out to be false.

On Produce X 101, Kim Yohan gained overwhelming popularity, ultimately leading to the center position in X1.

But as much as he was popular, he was faced with malicious comments as well as rumors of special and preferential treatment.

During the interview, Kim Yohan confessed that it was very difficult during his time on the reality TV program.

I suffered from panic attacks over a short period of time. I thought about giving up many times. But what got me through it was my determination to go as far as I could even if I wasn’t going to make it.

– Kim Yohan

Although he made it into X1 following the competition, the group ultimately disbanded due to the voting manipulation controversies surrounding the Produce series.

Kim Yohan was later confirmed for a lead role in the drama, School 2020, but due to controversy with Ahn Seo Hyun and her father, it will no longer be airing on KBS.

“School 2020” Confirmed To Not Be Airing On KBS

On a brighter note, Kim Yohan will be appearing on the variety show, War of Villains, which is set to air this month!

Here’s hoping it all goes up from here for Yohan!

Source: Insight