Korean Girlfriend Asks If She Should Dump Her Boyfriend, After His Comments On The Nth Room Sex Abuse Case

Netizens think she should leave him ASAP.

As South Koreans remain completely flustered by the Telegram‘s “Nth Room Sex Abuse” cases, they are also discussing how family, friends, and significant others are reacting to the news. And when this woman, “A”, shared how her boyfriend responded to the “Nth Room Sex Abuse” case, the internet couldn’t help but encourage her to leave him immediately.

On March 26, 2020, A wrote on an online forum, “My boyfriend and I have been practicing social distancing, so we haven’t been able to see each other often all week.” Finally though, when A’s boyfriend got off work early, the two decided to spend some time together.

My boyfriend and I have been practicing social distancing, so we haven’t been able to see each other often all week. But yesterday he got off work early — and he wanted to hang out. So we decided to have coffee and talk for a bit. I’m working from home these days, so I went to the cafe in front of my house and got us drinks. And we hung out in my car.

— A

A shared that everything was fine until the two began talking about the “Nth Room Sex Abuse” case. A couldn’t believe what she heard:

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While gossiping about this and that, we came to talk about the Telegram news. He said the guys in the chatrooms are insane. But then, out of the blue, he goes, ‘I do wonder what kind of videos they shared though.’ He said he was curious about ‘how far’ the videos go. I actively could not believe what I heard, so I asked him to repeat himself. I asked him if he meant that he wanted to watch the videos too.

— A

Then, according to A, her boyfriend realized the change in the tone of her voice and began muttering excuses.

He then goes, ‘No… I don’t want to watch those kinds of videos. I meant I’m curious. Just out of pure curiosity, I want to know what kind of madness they’re watching. But I would never go out of my way to look for those kinds of videos myself. I’m not crazy.’ But since I heard him say what he said, I really didn’t feel like talking to him anymore…

— A

Once A and her boyfriend parted ways for the night, she came home and wondered if the relationship is worth pursuing. A turned to the internet to ask if she is over-reacting to her boyfriend’s comment about the Nth Room videos.

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I ended up lying to him, saying I have to go back to work. I came home and tried to think about it… but I don’t think I can understand what he meant. It’s not normal to be curious about the videos, is it? Or am I over-reacting? I really hate the fact that he wants to know what the videos contain. Do you think it would be best to tell him how I feel about this all and break up with him?

— A

Korean netizens rooted for A’s break up with the boyfriend. Some even believed, “He probably saw the videos already — if not from Nth Room, then from some other site that he’s not supposed to access.” They argued that curiosity often leads to action.

  • “This gives me f*cking goosebumps……. I hope you break up with him for good. I also hope you have a safe break up.”
  • “This might be the best thing to say, but the Nth Room saved your future. What if you got married to him, not knowing about the things he’s curious about?”
  • “How very disgusting though. Only if I could look him in the eyes and curse him to the end of this world!!!”

A is yet to respond to the netizens’ unanimous advice to bid the boyfriend goodbye. Maybe they’re a done deal already — maybe A found it in her heart to forgive him once. But is A right to be upset about the conversation, or is she over-reacting? Let us know what you think.

Source: Nate Pann