Nth Room Sex Abuse Case

The Nth Room Sex Abuse Case is a series of scandals where women, many of whom are underage, are being sexually exploited.

“Nth Room” Creator Moon Hyung Wook Sentenced To 34 Years In Prison
He is a key member of the online sexual blackmail ring.
“Nth Room” Main Perpetrator Cho Joo Bin Sentenced To 45 Years In Prison
He previously pleaded for a lighter sentence.
“Nth Room” Main Operator Cho Joo Bin Pleads For A Lighter Sentence – Claims “40 Years Is Too Heavy”
He denied some of his charges.
One Of The Paid Users Of “Nth Room” Revealed To Be An Elementary School Teacher
A total of 4 school teachers have been caught exploiting underage children.
“Nth Room” Operator, God-God Sentenced To Lifetime Imprisonment For Crimes Of Sexual Exploitation
From blackmail to sexually exploiting minors, he did it all.
One Netizen Pleaded for People to Stop Calling the “Nth Room” Perpetrators Ugly
And others agree.
“Nth Room” Accomplice Ahn Seung Jin Reveals His Face in First Public Appearance
He revealed his motive behind committing the horrific crimes.
The Identity of “Nth Room” God God’s 25-Year-Old Accomplice Revealed
He has been charged for committing various illegal sexual exploitation acts on underage children.
Here’s Why “God God” Moon Hyung Wook Didn’t Take a Single Cent From the Nth Rooms’ Earnings
Unlike Cho Joo Bin, Moon Hyung Wook didn’t commit the horrific crimes for the money.
The Infamous “Nth Room Sex Abuse Scandal” Will Be Made Into a Movie
The film is called “Devil Room.”