One Netizen Pleaded for People to Stop Calling the “Nth Room” Perpetrators Ugly

And others agree.

Ever since the horrific truth behind the “Nth Room Sex Abuse” came into light, the identities of culprits, Cho Joo Bin, Kang Hoon, Lee Won Ho, Moon Hyung Wook, and Ahn Seung Jin were revealed along with their photos.

But aside from the gruesome crimes they have committed, netizens criticized their appearance as well by essentially calling them ugly.

Meanwhile, one netizen stepped forward and pleaded people to stop criticizing their appearance.

The post is titled, “I wish people would stop criticizing the Nth Room culprits’ appearance.

The poster, A, expressed,

What they did is so much dirtier and disgusting, but people are cursing more at their appearance as if being ugly and short is bigger ridicule.

– A

They continued,

Some people might feel hurt by it.

– A

The poster also added screenshots of netizens’ criticism toward the culprits’ appearance.

Regarding the insults, A went on to explain,

I’m not saying we should protect them. There are just lots of things to insult besides their appearance, so why do we have to bring that up? I feel like it’s beause people of our country still think criticizing people’s outer apperance is the most insulting.

– A

And many agreed, expressing that people who have a similar appearance could be undeservingly insulted.

On the other hand, others are questioning why someone is asking for people to stop criticizing the culprits’ appearance while no one is asking for them to stop the appearance of celebrities.



Source: Insight

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