Meet Choi Hyun Joon, The First Korean Male Model To Walk For Saint Laurent

He’s also an academic genius.

It isn’t easy to break into the modeling industry, and it sure is harder when the odds are against you as a cultural minority. Choi Hyun Joon broke the glass ceiling when he became the first male Korean model to walk the Saint Laurent fashion show. Get to know more about the up-and-coming star.

1. His big break

Choi Hyun Joon walked the Saint Laurent 2022 S/S Menswear Collection on July 15, 2021.

| @gost_agency/Instagram

Prior to that, only top female models such as Choi So Ra and Shin Hyun Ji were invited to walk. He did his country proud for sure.

| @gost_agency/Instagram

2. Brains and beauty

He’s finishing up his last year at the esteemed KAIST University, one of the top schools in the country. It’s famous for its science and maths programs.

| @jjooni______/Instagram

We stan a man who values his education.

| @jjooni______/Instagram

3. He’s born in 1999

That makes him a mere 22 years old internationally this year. The future is bright for him.

| @jjooni______/Instagram

4. He seems to be fluent in English

It is unknown if he studied overseas but most of his posts on Instagram are written in English, using cute, pithy captions. He even replies to fans in English!

| @jjooni______/Instagram

5. He spent time in France

Although he’s back in South Korea now, it seems like he had a blast in France.

| @jjooni______/Instagram

6. His androgynous looks

We are loving his boldness and unabashedness to express himself through challenging various looks and styles. We particularly see how he has captured the fashion world with his androgynous look.

| @jjooni______/Instagram

We can’t wait to see what the starlet has in store! Wishing him the best for his future!

Source: theqoo