Korean Netizens Are Angry Siwon Is Part Of Super Junior’s Upcoming Comeback

Netizens feel that Siwon shouldn’t be part of the upcoming promotions.

In preparation for Super Junior‘s April comeback, SM Entertainment recently released information on the group’s upcoming repackaged album, “Replay”.

“Replay,” is a repackage of their 2017 release “Play.” The title track is “Lo Siento,” and it features a tropical rhythm and an addictive melody. Three additional new tracks, “Me & U,” Super Duper,” and “Hug” will also be included in the album.


However, a teaser image that was revealed along with the information has many netizens furious.


Netizens feel that Siwon should not be the center of the photo, let alone part of the group’s upcoming promotions.

  • [+3957, -442] As much as I am a fan, we shouldn’t cover for Siwon. What if one of your family members were killed…
  • [+3451, -507] Choi Siwon, have you no conscience? How can you be so shameless…
  • [+1245, -200] I am curious to know if Choi Siwon feels guilty about his dog killing someone. I’m sorry for bringing this up on an article about Super Junior’s comeback, but he is the center of the photo, so I have to ask.
  • [+954, -154] How can he participate in this comeback so confidently? It would be better for him to not participate this time.
  • [+592, -78] Choi Siwon really has no shame. I thought you were a wholesome person, but you have really disappointed me. Kangin has the sense to not participate, why can’t you? 


They feel that it is too soon for Siwon to return to promotions, since the death caused by Siwon’s dog was in October of 2017.

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On the flip side, many fans believe Siwon was not at fault for the situation, and it shouldn’t stop him from promoting with the group.

  • [+90, -169] How was that Choi Siwon’s fault? He wasn’t even there when it happened, it was the fault of the person who took the dog out that day. It’s ridiculous.
  • [+31, -58] poor people… how many times are you going to be so ridiculous? just get over it…
  • [+6, -38] The family of the victim has forgiven him, why can’t you guys? 
  • [+66, -2] It was the carelessness of the hospital, not Siwon’s fault.


If Siwon does participate in Super Junior’s comeback, it will be his return to the public eye since the group’s concert in December.

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Source: Sports Donga via Naver, Xportsnews and Chic News

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