Are K-Pop Books The Next Hot Publishing Trend In 2023?

Are these books on your TBR yet?

After blazing a trail through the global music mainstream, K-Pop is now branching into other media, including Hollywood films, television series, webtoons, and novels.

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Young adult K-Pop romances (Once Upon a K-Prom by Kat ChoXOXO by Axie Oh) and trainee-to-idol journeys (Shine by Jessica JungI’ll Be the One by Lyla Lee) have been climbing best-sellers lists, but is this just the start of a new bookish trend?

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What would you do if the world’s biggest K-pop star asked you to prom?

— Once Upon a K-Prom summary, GoodReads

Both aspiring and debuting authors are now pushing the boundaries of what “K-Pop books” can be with their imaginative, genre-blending stories.

Author Vee X Vee, who is currently querying her fantasy-mystery novel ACROSS THE K-POP UNIVERSE, is giving “representation to adult K-Pop fans [. . .] who are often misrepresented and erased” through her colorful characters, aged 19 to 32. Despite evidence to the contrary, K-Pop fans are still stereotyped as obsessive teenage girls in the media. Vee X Vee hopes to challenge this perception while exploring the friendships fans form through K-Pop.

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| @official_vxv/Instagram

The majority of K-Pop books fall into commercial fiction categories, but debuting author Esther Yi is giving fandom culture a literary twist in her novel Y/N. This surrealistic, fever dream of a story follows a Korean American woman living in Berlin who embarks on “a hilarious, high-concept journey of literary self-destruction” to track down her bias, Moon.

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Y/N will hit shelves on March 21, 2023. Until then, you can get your K-Pop fix with these reads:

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