Ladies’ Code’s Ashley Couldn’t Stop Wiping Out On “HWAITING” 

This dizzy star struggled to play “extreme Jenga” on “HWAITING”.

Ladies’ Code‘s Ashley fell in love with HWAITING. Literally

In Episode 3 of this hectic new game showTeam Blue (Jamie ParkKARD‘s BM, and Ladies’ Code‘s Ashley) faced off against Team Red (f(x)‘s Amber LiuDAY6‘s Jae, and BTOB‘s Peniel) to play “Extreme Jenga”.

Step 1: “elephant spin” five times.

Step 2: Remove a Jenga block while dizzy.

Step 3: Stack that block on top of the tower. Easy, right?

No. Not for Ashley. Unfortunately for Team Blue (especially the savagely competitive Jamie Park) Ashley struggled with Step 2…a lot. In Round 1 she was so dizzy that she couldn’t stand up…

…even with Peniel’s “help”.

In Round 2, Jamie Park warned her not to fall again, or else!

Poor Ashley promised not to, but she still ended up wiping out…

…and cracking everyone up!

Thankfully, this time Ashley was able to pull herself together and pull a block from the Jenga tower. If she hadn’t become an idol, she could have been a slapstick comedy star!

For more hilarity, watch Episode 3 of HWAITING here:

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