Lauv Looks Back At Meeting BTS And Reveals Who Suggested The Sensational Collaboration

“There was literally no other answer than absolutely.”

As BTS‘s “Make It Right” featuring Lauv continues to sweep the charts, now with EDM and acoustic versions, the American pop star Lauv discussed how his first encounter with BTS ended up turning into this full blown collaboration.


In his recent interview with GQ Britain, Lauv spilled the details on how he met the sensational boy group…

The crazy thing about the BTS collab is that it happened straight after the first time I met them. They had posted a couple of videos, covering my songs, and I went to the show at Wembley – I was just blown away by the fan base, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen – where I got the chance to go backstage after to say hi.

— Lauv


… and how exactly the idea of working on “Make It Right” came to them. It was all thanks to a BTS staff who caught Lauv at the right time:

I was super nervous, but every single one of them was so sweet. We took a picture together and when I was walking away, a person from their team said, ‘They’d love to have you on a remix of ‘Make It Right’. Would you want to do that?’

— Lauv


And Lauv pointed out that he was 200% in on the collaboration!

Of course there was literally no other answer than “absolutely”, so we recorded it the next day at a studio in London.

— Lauv


ARMYs are pleasantly surprised to find out that the collaboration happened so quickly, almost on a whim. Even though it came so unexpectedly, BTS x Lauv became a huge hit because — well, genius plus genius can only equal more genius.

Source: GQ Britain


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