A Source Music Executive Spills On The Secret Behind LE SSERAFIM’s Consistently “Electrifying” Live Performances

Here’s what the Performance Directing Team head said.

LE SSERAFIM, a five-member girl group under HYBE and Source Music, is one of the top rookies of the year. With the release of their first comeback album, ANTIFRAGILE, their reputation as powerful performers was set in stone.

LE SSERAFIM | Inkigayo 

Weverse Magazine noted the positive responses they received this era. Netizens commented the likes of, “I’ve never seen a performance with such intense precision”; “Electrifyingly precise dancing”; “Their passion comes across through the screen” and, “These girls are determined to be masters of the stage.”

The secret behind this characteristic was touched upon by the head of the Performance Directing Team of Source Music, Park So Yeon.  According to her, there is no unique method to achieving a high energy stage. Rather, it boils down to the will of the artists to show a “perfect” performance.

There’s no special know-how—it all comes down to how perfect you want it to be.

— Park So Yeon

All members of LE SSERAFIM are committed to giving it their all. This is something the staff who work directly with them see on a daily basis.

I can say with confidence that the members of LE SSERAFIM always try to push it as close to 100 as possible. People have to push past their limits in order to improve, and LE SSERAFIM always tries to push past.

— Park So Yeon

After this will to succeed is established, the company emphasizes the importance of manifesting it physically. Through their dancing, they can be seen as a group who is not only synchronized, but close as well.

In order to put on a performance where the audience can feel the group’s energy in full, you have to be healthy and build up your physical strength. The choreography was more important than anything else for being seen as a team when they debuted.

— Park So Yeon

Members Yunjin and Sakura shared in an earlier Weverse Live video that they take this piece of advice seriously. Besides their usual choreography practice, they also do several exercises in order to build their stamina.

[We do] 100 jumping jacks, four sets of 25 burpee tests, three sets of core exercises and twist planks, and repeating the routine again during evening dance practice.

— Yunjin and Sakura

Ballerina-turned-idol Kazuha is another member who is known for her commitment to working out. Eunchae and Sakura told fans that she “suddenly, regardless of the place of situation, she does squats, not caring about others.”

Source Music drills into them the importance of taking each performance seriously as well as preparing beforehand in order to do this.

We don’t have time to look backwards. From now on, we keep pushing forward. I see a singer as someone who conveys their messages and stories to the public through their music and performances, so I tell them it’s really cool when they use 100% of their energy and convey that to their audience. If they don’t give it 100%, the audience can feel that. They practice together continuously, check for parts that don’t sync up, figure out why it isn’t working and find a way to get themselves back in sync. There’s no special know-how.

— Park So Yeon

In short, according to Park So Yeon, what makes LE SSERAFIM stand out is “how perfect they’re willing to make it.” As a result of their constant practice and workout sessions, the girl group can now dance to the best of their abilities at all times.

For instance, last October, LE SSERAFIM impressed Yonsei university students and netizens alike with their high speed reaction to their song. Even if the “FEARLESS” instrumental was played a few seconds early, they were able to dance as if they knew it was coming.

Read more about it below.

LE SSERAFIM Impresses With High Speed Reaction To Their Song Being Played

Source: Weverse Magazine