What The LE SSERAFIM Members Are Really Like In Person, According To Yunjin

There’s more than meets the eye!

LE SSERAFIM may not have spent a lot of time together before their debut, but according to Yunjin, their match up is like destiny.

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In a recent interview with Weverse Magazine, she gushed over her members and their group dynamic. According to Yunjin, they may have a large age and experience gap, but they manage to make it work!

We’re all so different, but when we’re together, everything just works.

— Yunjin

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And even if they’re different in many ways, she wouldn’t change anything about it. She went on to praise each member, sharing what she loves the most about them.


First, she complimented Garam for her fun personality. When they first met, she mistakenly thought that Garam was a cold person, but she soon saw her cute side. She especially loves it when Garam happily eats food.

Garam seemed standoffish at first, but after I got to know her, she’s so funny and silly. And she’s so lovely when she laughs or eats. Garam loves food, so it’s cute how happy she looks whenever we all eat together.

— Yunjin

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Chaewon and Sakura

Yunjin first met Chaewon and Sakura, the unnies of the group, when they were participants in the survival program Produce 48. Even though it had been almost three years since they last saw each other, it was as if nothing had changed. They got along as great as ever!

And I was seeing Chaewon and Kkura again for the first time in nearly three years, since the last time we were on TV together was in 2018, so I thought things would be different after all that time, but it was the same as ever, which was both amazing and made me happy to see them again. We talk and think the same way and we just click. I can really count on them.

— Yunjin

Chaewon | @IM_LESSERAFIM/Twitter
Sakura | @IM_LESSERAFIM/Twitter


Next, Yunjin praised maknae Eunchae’s cute and energetic personality. At first, she was quiet, but Yunjin attributes that to the stress of having to learn the “FEARLESS” choreography in a single day.

And Eunchae is so cute. She’s the youngest and the last addition to the team. When she joined, she had to memorize the choreography and all the formations to a song she just heard for the first time, all in a single day. I think the anxiety and burden from that situation was why she was so quiet at first, but now she’s really upbeat and funny.

— Yunjin

Eunchae | @IM_LESSERAFIM/Twitter


Last but not the least, she complimented Kazuha, revealing that her first impression of her being diligent turned out to be true. She suspected that it could be because she formed the habit as a long-time ballerina.

And I thought Zuha seemed really diligent when I first met her, and it turns out she really is that diligent and hardworking. And it’s clear she’s been doing ballet for 15 years just from being around her. Her life is ballet. (laughs)

— Yunjin

Kazuha | @IM_LESSERAFIM/Twitter

Apart from talking about her members, Yunjin also opened up about the difficulties she experienced after Produce 48 ended. Check it out here:

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Source: Weverse Magazine


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