LE SSERAFIM’s Outfits For The “2022 SBS Gayo Daejeon” Red Carpet Receive Mixed Reactions From Netizens

“Are they attending the same event?’

LE SSERAFIM are known for not only putting on amazing performances but looking beautiful while doing so! They have attracted attention for some of the interesting and creative fashion looks they have managed to pull off.

| @LE_SSERAFIM/Twitter
| @LE_SSERAFIM/Twitter

While LE SSERAFIM’s 2022 SBS Gayo Daejeon performance awed viewers, their red carpet looks garnered some mixed reactions from netizens.

LE SSERAFIM often attracted positive attention for their visuals on and off the stage, so fans were looking forward to seeing what looks the group would serve for this event.

As the group walked onto the red carpet it seemed as though they would be going for an all-black aesthetic before Chaewon and Yunjin appeared. The two both were wearing different colors of a gingham pattern.

Once photos were shared online, fans had strong varying reactions to the outfits the group wore. Many praised their visuals individually and felt the outfits suited them perfectly.

Many fans had less than positive reactions to the group’s outfits. Several complained that the group did not match each other as other idol groups attending the event did.

Despite the contrasting opinions on LE SSERAFIM’s red carpet look, the group’s performance and stage outfits were much more well-received.

| @LE_SSERAFIM/Twitter
| @LE_SSERAFIM/Twitter

While fans acknowledge that the members are not to blame for their fashion looks, many wish that the group’s stylists would work harder to make sure the group appear uniform at events.