LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin And Chaewon Spill On How Other HYBE Artists Treated Them During “The Game Caterers”

They were excited to meet the other HYBE artists.

The HYBE family artists recently gathered together to film The Game Caterers, entertaining fans with all the different interactions between groups. Like Fromis_9 cheering on an embarrassed SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan. Everyone admiring Baekho‘s muscles. SEVENTEEN becoming TXT‘s Soobin stans. And LE SSERAFIM proving their kindness by sharing watermelon with all their sunbaes.

In a recent vlog, LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin briefly showed fans the before and after of LE SSERAFIM from filming The Game Caterers.

Yunjin | LE SSERAFIM/YouTube 

The members of LE SSERAFIM were incredibly excited about the shoot before it began.

Yunjin: I think it’ll be fun. Right?

Kazuha: Right.

Kazuha and Yunjin | LE SSERAFIM/YouTube 

And Yunjin admitted that they’re a competitive group ready to “try really hard.”

Yunjin: There’s a race thing so we’ll try really hard.

Kazuha: Let’s do our best.


When filming after the shoot finished, Yunjin asked fans to excuse her appearance because of how hard she worked at the different challenges.

Yunjin: We finished shooting The Game Caterers and are going back to the company. I look so different from when I first started filming today. I hope you understand because we danced really hard, we ran… We were sweating and having so much fun.


But even though they worked hard, LE SSERAFIM had a great time filming.

Yunjin: It was so fun today.

Chaewon: Yeah, it was fun.

Chaewon and Yunjin | LE SSERAFIM/YouTube 

And for them, it really felt like HYBE was a kind of family.

Yunjin: HYBE felt like a real family! It was so fun and awesome.


Chaewon points out that LE SSERAFIM hadn’t met many of the other HYBE artists before but that all of their sunbaes were incredibly nice during the shoot.

Chaewon: We met a lot of them for the first time today.

Yunjin: Yeah, they were so nice.

Chaewon: They were so nice to us, it was fun.


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