Meet Lee Ji Young, The Real Life “Star Lecturer” Similar To “Crash Course In Romance” Choi Chi Yeol

Guess how much she earns!

Choi Chi Yeol, the male lead in hit K-Drama Crash Course In Romance, works as a star lecturer. “Ilta Kangsa” in Korean, the term literally translates to “top-tier lecturer.” These lecturers are the cream of the crop in the business.

Choi Chi Yeol. | tvN

Given South Korea’s thriving education industry, star lecturers are often highly sought after. Wondering who’s one of the most famous star lecturers in the business? Meet Lee Ji Young, who is one of the highest paid teachers in the industry.

Lee Ji Young is the representative lecturer at ETOOS Academy, one of South Korea’s most famous academies. She teaches Society and Ethics, and currently is the highest rank lecturer in the subject, with 3.5 million individual students who have tuned in to her lectures.

Lee Ji Young teaching. | @leejiyoung_official/Instagram

At 40 years of age, she’s already built quite a successful career for herself. She once revealed her annual salary in 2014 to have been ₩10.0 billion KRW (about $7.73 million USD) and that it has never sunk below that since.

She also makes things fun for her class! She’s been known to reference idols in her lectures to keep students attentive. She once went viral on Twitter when she asked about recent handsome idols. SEVENTEEN’s Joshua and Stray Kids Lee Know were mentioned.

She also decks herself out in fashionable outfits and hairstyles, much unlike stuffy teachers of the past. Perhaps this is how she keeps students awake!

| @leejiyoung_official/Instagram

Wouldn’t you just love a teacher like her?

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