Lee Min Ho Agrees With Viewers That His New Drama Can Be Pretty Confusing

Lee Min Ho confessed that when he first read the script, he was confused.

Lee Min Ho‘s new drama, The King: Eternal Monarch recently premiered, and although the show hit impressive ratings in its first week, many viewers have been expressing how confusing the drama can be.

The drama is set in parallel worlds of the Republic of Korea and the Korean Empire, and viewers expressed that it’s hard to differentiate between the two worlds.

But in a recent press conference, even Lee Min Ho agreed that when he first read the script, he was confused.

When I first read the script, I was confused about the two different worlds.

– Lee Min Ho

However, he was hopeful and expressed that it should be much less confusing on-screen compared to simply reading the script.

But unlike in the script, the drama will tell the story through pictures, so I think it will more clearly show the difference between the parallel worlds.

– Lee Min Ho

Regarding the drama itself, Lee Min Ho described it as a pretty storybook and expressed his love for it.

The drama is like a pretty storybook. The script is warm overall. I felt like the characters were living and breathing. The script was like a story where it meshed well with the characters so much that it gave off a positive energy.

– Lee Min Ho

Although both Lee Min Ho and viewers were confused at first, there is great anticipation for what the gorgeous drama will have to offer in the episodes to come.

Source: Insight