Lee Young Ji Earns Attention For Her Straightforward Breakup Advice On Instagram

The account she responded to earned attention for a completely different reason 😂

Lee Young Ji has charmed fans with her talent, confidence, and relatable humor since she won High School Rapper 3 in 2019.

Lee Young Ji | @youngji_02/Instagram

Lee Young Ji’s rise to stardom continued, and in 2022, she successfully launched her candid and hilarious YouTube program, My Alcohol Diary (also known as No Prepare), where she interviews fellow celebrities while they drink alcohol together in her apartment.

BTS’s Jin (left) as a guest on Lee Young Ji’s (right) “My Alcohol Diary” | @youngji_02/Instagram

The fun show, her famous guests, and winning Show Me The Money 11 in 2022 helped introduce the talented rapper to even more global fans.

As fans have fun interacting with the down-to-earth rapper on Instagram, netizens noticed one of her interactions with someone seeking breakup advice under Lee Young Ji’s recent post.

The now-deleted comment from the Instagram user @loretta.piper604 asked, “My boyfriend broke up with me today. Any advice on what to do next? 😻

The comment caught Lee Young Ji’s attention, and she hilariously responded with a straight-forward “Just move on.

In just over 30 minutes, Lee Young Ji’s funny and blunt response garnered 1,140 likes as fans responded to her unexpected advice.

The Instagram comments hilariously pointed out to Lee Young Ji that the original Instagram account, @loretta.piper604, was an NSFW bot account, which led others to wonder if Lee Young Ji had realized that when she replied.

Before the comment disappeared, fans began to react to the funny interaction and Lee Young Ji’s iconic response on Twitter.

This isn’t the first time Lee Young Ji has earned attention for her hilarious social media activity.

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Lee Young Ji

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