This Legendary Girl Group Concept Is The One To Beat, According To Netizens

This one will definitely go down in K-Pop history.

On a popular online community, one netizen sparked a massive conversation after revealing their opinion on the concept they thought was the most legendary out of all K-Pop groups. The specific concept brought to attention was the iconic sailor concept done by the one and only Girls’ Generation.

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Girls’ Generation released “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)” back on June 29, 2009, riding the wave of the popularity they received from their previous single, “Gee”. After doing many cute and girly concepts before, the girl group came back in full force with their first-ever mature concept.

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The 9 girls wore sailor, army and pilot themed outfits while promoting this classic. The song went viral on its own, but the overall concept of “Genie” made it an instant legend. While the girls snagged the top girl group spot with their hit “Gee”, they became even more iconic with the release of this song. The entire nation couldn’t stop humming along to the popular song while dancing the famous leg flick choreography.

Sexy and mature concepts had been done by numerous girl groups before Girls’ Generation, but the public took a liking to the way they executed it. Without being too revealing or risqué, the group shed their cutesy image for a more womanly one. The sultry song combined with the leggy outfits proved to the public that they were no longer the nation’s “little sisters” anymore.

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“Genie” saw massive success overnight, becoming one of Korea’s most recognizable songs. Upon release, the album sold approximately 50,000 copies just in the first week, which was double the numbers for “Gee”. This was an incredible feat, as it was unheard of any girl group to sell this many copies in the first week.

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The girls would go on to promote this legendary song for approximately two months before halting activities in mid-August. The song eventually went on to win the Grand Prize and Digital Song of the Year at the 2009 Golden Disk Awards. Netizens wholeheartedly agreed that this era was completely owned by the ladies of Girls’ Generation and that they were legendary for a reason.

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  • “Agreed. Genie is an absolute legend.”
  • “Agreed. In my opnion, for girl idols it’s Genie and for guy idols it’s Sherlock.”
  • “Totally agreed”
  • “Wow I got it right.”
  • “Ohhh agreed”
  • “Agreed”
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The lyrics, the melody, the dance, the concept, the girls…everything about this era of Girls’ Generation was absolute perfection. Their sailor concept is one for the books and will definitely go down in K-Pop history.

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