Here’s How BLACKPINK’s Lisa Hypes Herself Up On Her Off Days

It always leaves her feeling refreshed!

Even a superstar like BLACKPINK‘s Lisa can have some off days, but she has a sweet, reliable way to heighten her mood!

Lisa from BLACKPINK. | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

In an interview with Audacy radio host Bru, Lisa opened up about how she manages her mental health and positive attitude even during hard times.

Bru:  You talk about how music, for you, is all about, like, confidence. What do you do when sometimes, maybe your confidence isn’t all there, ’cause I feel like we have those days, you know?

Lisa: Yes, of course.

Lisa (left) and Bru (right). | Audacy Music/YouTube 

While Lisa did say that having a “pep talk is important sometimes,” her main method to “get back into it” is to call her mother! Fans of Lisa would know that she is super close with her family and calls them often, especially now that she is promoting as a solo artist.

Rosé, Jisoo, Jennie, and Lisa. | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Lisa explained just how helpful it is to call her mom whenever she needs a quick pick-me-up!

I do call my mom, ask her […] Yeah, I gotta call mom! You know, like, after I talk with her, I feel like, okay, refresh. I feel like, ‘Okay, I can do my work now. I’m okay to do.’

— Lisa

| Audacy Music/YouTube 

Bru and Lisa definitely agreed that family is number one when it comes to having a supportive circle. Lisa expressed that her whole family is super supportive of her!

Bru: That’s always, like, the number one, you know. Your mom, that’s always your number one supporter.

Lisa: Mom, family, dad, yeah.

Bru: They’ve all been supportive of you?

Lisa: Yes, yes.

Bru: That’s amazing.

| Audacy Music/YouTube 

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